HI There

My name is Lolade Ogedengbe, and I am the CEO of Designs by IThrive. First and foremost, I’m a follower of Jesus and this business is powered by the HOLY SPIRIT. Designs by IThrive is a business I started in May 2023 when life took an unexpected turn, and I was without a source of income. I have always been creative in designs, such as website design, and had experience with creating websites. Business and I were like oil and water, so I never thought to make my talent and turn it into one. Amid the season where I lost my job, my focus was finding a new one. I did not realize the job I was praying for was already in front of me. I had friends who made this clear to me. Business was not something I wanted to do. I had a friend who essentially said I should not think about it as a business but rather as a creative hobby that would create an income for me. From our conversation, my perspective shifted, and IThrive was born. I even had two clients waiting to partner with me!


I started frankly from the bottom; I had yet to build a system or structure in areas such as marketing. Entering into 2024, I sat with myself and the Holy Spirit to anchor myself and recreate a solid foundation. I want to put my best foot forward. This step was the first test for the vision of my business. The vision is to take the client’s brand(s) from surviving to thriving, hence IThrive. For the first six months of IThrive, I was trying to survive, but I knew there was a way to thrive that I had yet to tap into. From this, I decided to revamp my website to communicate to potential clients IThrive’s values and the accomplishments we can achieve through partnership, intentionality, and a touch of creativity.

One of our greatest missions is to help entrepreneurs know their business is not one that you should use to simply survive, but allow your business to thrive. Allow your business to glide; let it bring in income with minimal labor and stress from you. IThrive is here to attend to you, your brand, and your business. We aim to transport you from a place of minimal to maximal function and growth. Let my business serve as an exemplar of what IThrive can accomplish with you. I anticipate working with you on your journey to ensure it is as seamless as possible.


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